The Connect the Dots Story

Karie Cowden - President of Connect The Dots Promotional Products in Arizona

Karie Cowden
Founder & President
Connect The Dots Promotions

Connect the Dots works with local and national clientèle across all industries. From Fortune 500 companies to local community churches, Connect the Dots has experience working with organizations and businesses of all levels and sizes and finding marketing solutions for a wide variety of objectives.

At Connect the Dots we focus on the following 3 areas:

  • Accountability

We have a say it, do it attitude with a vendor management system to keep you informed. We are also accountable to your brand paying attention to brand guidelines.

  • Zealots for Safety

We only work with vendors that have undergone safety
certification. Our team stays up to date on the latest
information regarding product safety.

  • Culture of Connection

We don’t have transactions with our clients.  We build
relationships.  Our vendors have been with us the
entire time Connect the Dots has been in business.
We stay connected with our community and find ways
to give back.