Our Clients are Connected

The epitome of “connecting the dots”
A Scottsdale-based high school wanted to bring awareness to their sports schedule for the upcoming season. However, with a cash-strapped budget, they had less than a buck to spend. To help with costs, the high school secured a corporate sponsor to help with the cost of promoting their sports schedule. To bring it full circle, Connect the Dots found a hand-held fan that had the sports schedule printed on it and included a tear-off coupon for the sponsor that lead sport fans back to the sponsor’s business. The bottom line: 1,000 hand-held fans were printed and created awareness of the sports schedule and 375 coupons were redeemed at the sponsor’s business.

Win-Win Scenario
An Orthopedic Surgeon wanted to reach the high school demographic to help generate clients to his practice. At the same time, the client did not want to call attention to the negative messaging, “if you get hurt, we’ll fix you!” Connect the Dots created a win-win scenario for the client and his target demographic by strategically selecting a group of local high schools and offer them sport towels imprinted with the surgeon’s logo on it to use at football games. The bottom line: 1,500 sport towels imprinted with the surgeon’s logo were handed out to use at games and the schools loved them because they saved part of their budget by having towels supplied. Furthermore, brand awareness was generated for the client to his target demographic without having to say “if you get hurt, we’ll fix you!”

Top of Mind
A loan servicing business wanted to make sure their company and services were in front of their customers on a daily basis. Connect the Dots came up with a subtle, yet effective solution by creating the client’s name in the image of a custom monthly calendar distributed to the client’s customers. The bottom line: The loan servicing company was visible and in front of their customers on a daily basis and was beyond thrilled with the results – so much so, that the client referred Connect the Dots to other customers that were interested in ordering the custom calendars for their business.

Bring it On
A private university wanted to increase attendance to their sporting events by making a big splash for their coming school year and generate excitement and buzz around their mascot. Connect the Dots helped the university secure as many branded products as possible by reaching out to local businesses to help with the costs of the products. Connect the Dots subsequently found rally towels, pom poms, megaphones, t-shirts, noise makers, concession cups, temporary tattoos that were all imprinted with university branding. The bottom line: The branded products increased traffic to the university’s website where fans and attendees could find could more information about upcoming sporting events.

Complete Concept
A local school needed help setting up a store that sold branded school products to their students, staff, and parents. Connect the Dots worked closely with the school to come up with the complete concept for the store layout, details for running the store and merchandise ideas.

Plant the Seed
Plant the seed and Connect the Dots will do the rest! If you have a marketing idea, but are not sure how to develop it, we can help! Whether you need help coming up with the initial concept or some assistance with an existing marketing plan, we love rolling up our sleeves and “connecting the dots” at any step of the way.