Holy Changes Batman!

Connect the Dots Promotions just joined as an affiliate to AIA Corporation out of Neenah, WI.  I’ve been through extensive training on the new back office system and I am thrilled with what we can now offer.  Clients can pay online at www.aiaepay.com with the account number and invoice number.  We have a more organized and clean way of dealing with our vendors and with our clients.  We have incredible pricing with our vendors.  The customer service reps that I deal with are amazing and allow me to do what I do best…get out there and hang out with my clients.

I’ve also made a commitment to blog every Monday to help with SEO and I’ve spent time learning all about spiders and optimization.  Thanks to Republic Media and Sociactive I have a very broad view of the subject…enough to hopefully get me going.

I was out of town all last week attending the Regional Association Council’s Leadership Development Workshop and Promotional Products Association’s Summer Board Meeting all last week.  It was an incredible week, but it’s nice to be back in the office getting a hold of all of the new technology at my fingertips.

Have a great week!

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About Karie Cowden

Karie Cowden is the Founder and President of Connect the Dots Promotions and has extensive experience working with local and national clientele across all industries. She has sold every promotional product known to mankind in her over 22 years in the industry. Karie has worked in all aspects of the promo business including a 6 year stint with the Phoenix Suns and AZ Diamondbacks. In those many years she has developed extensive experience, industry knowledge, wonderful partnerships and strategic relationships. In 2008 she was the youngest person to be voted on to the Board of Directors for the Promotional Products Association International, by her peers. In 2009 she figured she knew enough to run her own company and hasn’t looked back. Karie is married with two beautiful daughters and one black lab named Betty.

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