Keep Cool This Summer with These 5 Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products That Keep You Cool!

The temperatures are warming up summer is upon us, and we all are just looking for ways to stay cool!  Summer is a fun season that should be welcomed with celebration.  The days are longer; we spend more time outside, and often host parties or barbecues.  Thus, with so many fun events and parties, and so much time spent outside, it is the ideal marketing opportunity.  There are summer promotional products that are perfectly suited for spending time outside and are a powerful tool for generating brand exposure.  At Connect the Dots Promotions, we can help you find the ideal summer promotional products for your marketing and branding needs.  Help employees and customers stay cool with these 5 great summer promotional products.

1.  Cooler

summer promotional products coolerA promotional cooler is always a popular marketing item. There are so many coolers from which to choose that there is a cooler ideally suited to any budget and style preference. Also, there are insulated coolers and bags for any occasion/use. A small insulated bag can function like a lunch bag, a larger insulated tote would be great for groceries or road trips, and a promotional rolling cooler is a showstopper.  Further, each time your custom-printed logo cooler is used, your branding will be seen. The user will be reminded of your generosity and others around will be impressed. A branded cooler is sure to create a favorable lasting impression.


2.  Koozie Kooler

summer promotional products Koozie KoolerNothing is more refreshing than a cold drink on a warm day. It can be hard to keep drinks cool, particularly when spending time outside.  Promotional Koozie Kooler to the rescue!  A branded Koozie Kooler can be used around a water bottle, can, glass bottle, and many other beverages to help insulate the beverage and maintain it’s coolness.  So, keep people happy with cool drinks this summer thanks to your branded Koozie Kooler!


3.  Cold/Warm Pack

summer promotional products cold/hot packMany people don’t think they need an cold pack or warm pack….until they do, and then they really wish they had one. A cold/warm pack is a small, portable, very economical promotional product that can be printed with your logo. No matter the season, a promotional cold/warm pack will always come in handy and when the user experiences relief, it will be your logo they see and are thankful for.


4.  Umbrella

summer promotional products umbrellaAn umbrella is an incredibly useful tool for the rain, but don’t forget that it can be used to protect you from the sun and keep you cool. And, because sun protection is incredibly important an umbrella something anyone can use, regardless of the climate in which they live.  There are many different size, color, and style umbrellas form which to chose. And, any style can be custom printed to showcase your logo.


5.  Misting Fan

summer promotional products misting fanA personal fan is a great way to keep cool, but a misting fan is a surefire way to stay cool and refreshed! Misting fans are ideal summer promotional products for outdoor events.  They provide a great amount of brand exposure in a convenient and useful package!  Further, they are a a very budget friendly marketing product.


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