Connect the Dots Partners with UMOM for the Walk for Homeless Families & Youth


UMOM WalkAt Connect the Dots Promotions, we love working with businesses and organizations that give back to the community.  UMOM New Day Centers is located in Phoenix, Arizona and has a mission to prevent and end homelessness.  They do this using innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual.  UMOM was founded in 1964 and has been providing outstanding a place of safe shelter and outstanding supportive services since.  And, with a priority of keeping families together, UMOM provides continuum care from an emergency shelter to transitional housing to permanent, affordable housing.  Founder and President of Connect the Dots Promotions, Karie Cowden, is a Co-Chair for the UMOM Walk for Homeless Families & Youth. This important annual event supports the mission of ending the cycle of homelessness in Maricopa County.

Participate and/or Sponsor the UMOM Walk for Homeless Families & Youth

UMOM WalkThere are a variety of ways to participate in the UMOM Walk for Homeless Families & Youth.  You can participate by simply walking in the event.  Also, you can sponsor the walk which is a great marketing opportunity for your business.  At Connect the Dots Promotions we work hard to literally “connect the dots” for our clients. So, that means reinforcing brand identity and facilitating synergistic marketing opportunities by connecting clients with great promotional opportunities.  And, in this case, it is not only a great chance to effectively market your brand but also an opportunity to support a great local organization.  Participation will get your company’s name out in the community.  Also, it will also present an opportunity to enjoy time with your staff.  Further, you will make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness with your tax-deductible sponsorship.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in participating in the walk, marketing their brand, or learning about diversified marketing opportunities, we encourage you to contact Connect the Dots Promotions. We would love to share about sponsorship opportunities with UMOM that will extend your brand’s recognition within the community.

UMOM Walk for Homeless Families & Youth Saturday, September 23, 2017
The Phoenix Zoo
Papago Park, 455 N Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Christmas in August? Start Planning Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Now!

promotional holiday giftsTemperatures are hot outside but did you know that it is already time to be planning ahead for the holidays?  When strategically planned in advance, your marketing campaign will be well-executed and successful.  During the holidays, the mall isn’t the only crowded place.  Every business wants custom branded promotional holiday gifts or logo products at the end of the year.  This rush tends to lead to a lot of panic and rushed decision making. Also, you may potentially experience a delay in getting your items if production times are slow because of volume.  We may be used to instant gratification but if you want great custom holiday promotional products items don’t wait!  To give promotional gifts to employees or customers during the holidays, you need to start planning now.

Think You Don’t Have the Budget for Promotional Holiday Gifts? Think Again!

promotional holiday giftsMany businesses think they don’t have the budget to do a gift during the holidays but that is a misconception.  Investing in promotional holiday gifts and a strong holiday marketing campaign can pay off big for your company, as the U.S. Small Business Administration points out, “According to a 2013 survey by Constant Contact, participating in holiday season marketing is a rewarding venture for small businesses, with 52 percent of respondents reporting that new customers attained during the holidays become repeat, loyal customers…Constant Contact also reports that only 31 percent of small businesses surveyed start planning for the holidays between two and three months in advance. Now this doesn’t mean that these businesses won’t be ready, but it’s more than likely that the campaigns and events that they run will be pretty generic. Without planning, these campaigns won’t take into account what’s worked well in the past (and I don’t mean gut feelings, but real, hard metrics). They also won’t allow much time for originality, no matter how creative you think you are.”  Often, if you plan ahead you are able to secure the best pricing and availability on your promotional holiday gifts.

Strategically Market Your Brand During the Holidays

promotional holiday giftsWhen you plan ahead, you can discuss you can carefully weigh your marketing options.  This will allow you to tailor a marketing campaign and promotional products to your brand and customers. There is more than simply celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or the Holiday Season in general in December.  Get creative with your marketing and make a memorable impact!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so consider ordering promotional products to give to employees or survivors.  Halloween is in October and why not have a little fun with your promotional products?  Also, both Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving are in November and offer unique opportunities to promote your business. Avoid the headache of having your promotional items delayed or backordered because of the seasonal rush. Maximize your 2017 holiday marketing campaign and start planning for your promotional holiday gifts now!


5 Fun & Effective Pet Promotional Products

When you are choosing promotional products you want to focus on products that will interest and intrigue people.  It can be hard to choose one product that will be useful for a wide array of people.  Pet promotional products are a great choice because many people have pets. The statistics show that tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone have at least 1 pet.  The ASPCA provides insight into just how many people have pets, “It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat.” There is a pet-themed holiday each month of the year so it is always a great time to appeal to pet lovers.  Promotional products have been proven to be a cost-efficient, effective marketing strategy.  Choosing pet-themed promotional products will make your brand truly stand out from the crowd.  Pet owners tend to be very passionate about their pets.  Showing people that you are a pet-friendly brand will appeal to a potential customer.  And, since they are likely to use the product they will be reminded of your brand on a regular basis.  Attract new clients in a unique ways with these 5 pet-themed promotional products.

5 Fun & Effective Pet Promotional Products

  1. Branded Tennis Ball
    • pet promotional products - tennis ballEvery dog loves to play fetch and many cats are very playful as well. A tennis ball is one of the many great and universally-friendly pet promotional products.  Further, a branded tennis ball is a great gift because it appeals to a diverse audience.  A branded tennis ball can be given to just about anyone, even if they don’t have pets!  Every time the recipient uses that tennis ball and has fun, they will be immediately reminded of your brand.
  2. Pet Bag Dispenser
    • pet promotional products - bag dispenserAll dogs have to go to the bathroom from time to time. If you go on a lot of walks with your dog, visit a dog park, or go on hikes, you might need to clean up after your dog goes to the bathroom in a public place.  Pet bag dispensers are convenient and discreet.  They often have a keychain attached so they can be added to someone’s keyring or attached to a backpack.  Every time a pet owner has to clean up after their dog, they will be thankful your brand was so generous with a pet promotional product.
  3. Portable Pet Food/Water Bowl
    • pet promotional products - portable dog bowlGetting out of the house with your pet can be a lot of fun but you also need to be prepared. Pets need food and water during walks or hikes or if you plan to be out for an extended period of time.  Choose from traditional pet food and water bowls or collapsible travel food and water bowls with your custom branding imprinted right on them.
  4. Branded Pet Toy
    • pet promotional products - branded pet toyDogs love to play with chew toys, ropes, Frisbees and other fun items for recreation. Every time a pet owner reaches for a toy for their pet, make sure it is a branded toy with your custom logo.  They will use it often and it will help create brand recognition in a subtle yet effective way.
  5. Promotional Leash
    • Pet Promotional Products - LeashIf you take your pet for walks like most owners do, you probably need a leash for safety. There are many different styles of promotional leashes that can be ordered with your custom branding.  Not only will a pet owner see your branding, but everywhere they walk your branding will be seen by others.

Promotional Products and Spiritwear for Schools and Universities

Create School Spirit with Custom School Promotional Products and Spiritwear!

It may feel like summer has just begun but it’s already time to start thinking about your “back to school”! And we don’t just mean school supplies, we mean school marketing.  Every type of school or any size needs promotional products to encourage school spirit.  There are many different kinds of school spiritwear and school promotional products.  These products pump students, parents, and school sports fans for the new school year!  Promotional products and spiritwear generate school spirit, goodwill, excitement, loyalty, and more!  Sell your school promotional products and spiritwear in the school shop. And, give your custom promotional products away for exciting promotions or to alumni and donors as a gift for donations!

school promotional products apparelThere are certain school promotional products and spiritwear that are great for any type of school.  For example, t-shirts are a great promotional item for any school. They can help entice parents to join an elementary school PTO or PTA which all schools need. And, promotional apparel is great for teenagers in high school or young adults in college.  Parents are always proud to represent their child’s school so a school cannot go wrong ordering school t-shirts.  Additionally, promotional pens are useful for any school because people always need pens!  And, as an added bonus, if the pens get left somewhere it will help promote the school to new people!  To continue, bookmarks make a great promotional product because they are inexpensive yet useful.

school promotional products stadium seatThere are many promotional products or spiritwear items that work well for high schools or colleges (though many would still be great for elementary schools as well!).  If your school has an athletic program, great spiritwear is a must!  Hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are some of the most popular.  But, don’t forget the fans and tailgating crowd!  Custom printed logo folding chairs, seat cushions, umbrellas, misting fans, water bottles, or coolers are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Additionally, when ordering promotional products for high schools or universities it is a great idea to stock the school shop with many “school staples.”  These can include promotional notebooks, logo pens, calculators, rulers, tote bags, backpacks, highlighters, sticky notes, staplers, flash drives, coffee mugs, and more!  Every student needs many or all of these things so why not provide them an opportunity to purchase them with your school’s logo on them or give them out as gifts to students!

school promotional products earbudsFinally, promotional products and spiritwear do not have to be all serious or studious, have some fun!  Some fun promotional products for schools or universities include logo sunglasses, footballs, Frisbees, headphones/earbuds, stress ball, mascot plushes, or phone charger/power bank.  Seeing students wear spiritwear or use custom promotional products creates an atmosphere of loyalty, fun, and excitement.  Prospective students will want to be a part of that kind of community, donors will want to give donations, students will feel like they are part of something fun and exciting, and parents will want to participate.  Contact Connect the Dots to order your school or university promotional products now to be prepared for the new school year!


5 Fun & Effective Patriotic Promotional Products

July 4th is just around the corner and it is a great time to celebrate with patriotic pride!  Now is the time to be inventive and celebrate the nation’s birthday with a creative marketing campaign.  Centering your marketing campaign around a holiday is a great way to remind customers about our business.  So, if you have any special offers or sales, use July 4th promotional products to draw attention to them!  Additionally, if your business celebrates the 4th of July as a company, you can foster goodwill among employees with special July 4th patriotic promotional products.  Celebrate Independent Day in style with these 5 patriotic promotional products.

5 Fun & Effective Patriotic Promotional Products

1.  Fireworks Glasses

If you have not seen fireworks glasses yet, you are missing out!  They are fun for kids and adults of all ages!  Fireworks glasses have specially treated holographic lenses that break light into a spectrum.  They are a fun way to enhance fireworks viewing and make a great promotional product for any company.  And, fireworks glasses are not just for the 4th of July!  They can be used for electronic dance parties, light shows, and holiday celebrations – check out your Christmas tree and see it sparkle with these cool glasses!  Fireworks glasses are the ultimate patriotic promotional products.

2.  Patriotic Beach Ball

The summer is a great time for fun in the sun and water! Many people are either headed to the beach or to the pool.  Promote your business and celebrate the 4th of July with a patriotic beach ball.  They are not only fun, they are effective marketing tools because it is likely they will get used a lot!

3.  American Flag Glasses

Everyone can use an extra pair of sunglasses to block out the bright summer light.  Celebrate July 4th in style with patriotic sunglasses.  They will show off American pride as well as market your brand’s logo wherever they go.  So, don’t forget to order your patriotic sunglasses for your marketing campaign!

4.  American Flag Stress Ball

No matter the time of year, we all encounter stress in our daily lives.  A stress ball is a time-tested promotional product.  They are popular because they get used and help market your brand in a positive way.  An American Flag stress ball is a great gift because it can be used to toss around or squeezed for stress.  And, a patriotic stress ball is sure to be a hit with employees and customers!

5.  Patriotic Pen

You can never have too many pens.  Pens are some of the most popular promotional products because they do such a great marketing job.  Also, pens get left places or given to people and each time it spreads your branding to a new customer.  People will use your pen and be reminded of your business.  A patriotic pen is a fun and economical way to market your brand for July 4th.


Keep Cool This Summer with These 5 Promotional Products

Summer Promotional Products That Keep You Cool!

The temperatures are warming up summer is upon us, and we all are just looking for ways to stay cool!  Summer is a fun season that should be welcomed with celebration.  The days are longer; we spend more time outside, and often host parties or barbecues.  Thus, with so many fun events and parties, and so much time spent outside, it is the ideal marketing opportunity.  There are summer promotional products that are perfectly suited for spending time outside and are a powerful tool for generating brand exposure.  At Connect the Dots Promotions, we can help you find the ideal summer promotional products for your marketing and branding needs.  Help employees and customers stay cool with these 5 great summer promotional products.

1.  Cooler

summer promotional products coolerA promotional cooler is always a popular marketing item. There are so many coolers from which to choose that there is a cooler ideally suited to any budget and style preference. Also, there are insulated coolers and bags for any occasion/use. A small insulated bag can function like a lunch bag, a larger insulated tote would be great for groceries or road trips, and a promotional rolling cooler is a showstopper.  Further, each time your custom-printed logo cooler is used, your branding will be seen. The user will be reminded of your generosity and others around will be impressed. A branded cooler is sure to create a favorable lasting impression.


2.  Koozie Kooler

summer promotional products Koozie KoolerNothing is more refreshing than a cold drink on a warm day. It can be hard to keep drinks cool, particularly when spending time outside.  Promotional Koozie Kooler to the rescue!  A branded Koozie Kooler can be used around a water bottle, can, glass bottle, and many other beverages to help insulate the beverage and maintain it’s coolness.  So, keep people happy with cool drinks this summer thanks to your branded Koozie Kooler!


3.  Cold/Warm Pack

summer promotional products cold/hot packMany people don’t think they need an cold pack or warm pack….until they do, and then they really wish they had one. A cold/warm pack is a small, portable, very economical promotional product that can be printed with your logo. No matter the season, a promotional cold/warm pack will always come in handy and when the user experiences relief, it will be your logo they see and are thankful for.


4.  Umbrella

summer promotional products umbrellaAn umbrella is an incredibly useful tool for the rain, but don’t forget that it can be used to protect you from the sun and keep you cool. And, because sun protection is incredibly important an umbrella something anyone can use, regardless of the climate in which they live.  There are many different size, color, and style umbrellas form which to chose. And, any style can be custom printed to showcase your logo.


5.  Misting Fan

summer promotional products misting fanA personal fan is a great way to keep cool, but a misting fan is a surefire way to stay cool and refreshed! Misting fans are ideal summer promotional products for outdoor events.  They provide a great amount of brand exposure in a convenient and useful package!  Further, they are a a very budget friendly marketing product.



Spring Is Here! Go Eco-Friendly with Your Promotional Products

For a unique way to market your brand this spring, go green and choose eco-friendly promotional products!  While “green marketing” is not something that is new, it has more than proven its worth.  Many people mistakenly think that consumers have moved past the novelty of green marketing. Companies assume people no longer really care if the products they purchase or receive are eco-friendly.  But, that could not be further from the truth.

Do People Care of Products are Eco-Friendly?

Nielsen, a company dedicated to tracking what consumers watch and buy, reports on how effective green marketing is today, “Fifty-five percent of global online consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact, according to a new study by Nielsen. The propensity to buy socially responsible brands is strongest in Asia-Pacific (64%), Latin America (63%) and Middle East/Africa (63%). The numbers for North America and Europe are 42 and 40 percent, respectively. “Consumers around the world are saying loud and clear that a brand’s social purpose is among the factors that influence purchase decisions,” said Amy Fenton, global leader of public development and sustainability, Nielsen. ‘This behavior is on the rise and it provides opportunities for meaningful impact in our communities, in addition to helping to grow share for brands.’”

Should You Go Green with Your Promotional Products?

People really do care about sustainability and eco-friendly products when making purchases with their own money. And if that is the case, they are sure to be impressed when they receive an eco-friendly promotional product.  By taking the step to go green with your logo marketing products, you will build additional goodwill and loyalty to your brand.  And, it is easy to find eco-friendly promotional products! Almost any product you can think of is probably available in an eco-friendly version. Below are 5 great eco-friendly promotional products to use in your next marketing campaign.


Eco-Friendly Promotional Products:

Reusable Tote Bags
  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Tote BagTote bags are incredibly handy and are incredibly popular promotional items as a result. Use your tote bag for travel, to get groceries, to carry supplies, as a computer bag or anything else you can think of!  Reusable tote bags are already eco-friendly because they reduce the waste of disposable plastic bags but you can take it one step further and buy branded tote bags that are made from recycled materials!
Insulated Lunch Bags
  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Lunch BagJust like reusable tote bags, lunch bags cut down on waste and make packing your lunch convenient. Give the gift of convenience to employees and customers with insulated lunch bags made from recycled materials that are certain to be used time and time again.
Eco-Friendly Water Bottle
  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Water BottleReusable water bottles are, like lunch and tote bags, inherently “green” because they reduce the use of disposable plastic. But, not all water bottles are created equal. Some are made from materials that are not earth-friendly or health-friendly.  Choose water bottles that are made of materials that are more safe for health and made of recycled material.
Recycled Notebook
  • Green Promotional Product NotebookWe all know how handy a free notebook can be. But, traditional notebooks are not exactly “green” because of how many trees must be cut down.  Get a notebook that looks and functions the same, but is made of recycled materials.  It will show that you are an earth-conscious business while providing a useful tool and gift.
Eco-Friendly Pens
  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Product PenEveryone loves a free pen! It is no secret that pens are some of the most popular logo promotional products so why not order ones that are made of recycled or biodegradable materials. They will be just as effective but far more eco-friendly and will show off your company’s conservation efforts in a powerful way!

Get Creative with Promotional Products for Company Picnics

Appreciate Employees with Company Picnis

Company Picnic Promotional Products - Beach BallIt is that time of year that temperatures start to warm up and companies begin hosting picnics.  It is important to show employee appreciation at various times during the year.  When you give an employee an “attaboy” and host a fun event, you foster goodwill and a positive company environment.  While food and games are certainly a huge part of any company picnic, don’t forget to order fun promotional products too!  There are many company picnic promotional products from which to choose. Now is the time to get creative and order products that really reach out and say “thanks”!

A company picnic is a fun chance to get outside the office and connect on a different level with co-workers.  Because the purpose is to appreciate employees in a different setting, promotional products should be themed accordingly.  Branded mouse pads and USB drives are great gifts but they scream “office”. Now is the chance to think outside the box and get creative for your company event.  Doing so will show that you have gone the extra mile for your employees.  Your employees will be thrilled to take home something so fun and useful.  And, that promotional product will continuously remind them of the fun, morale-boosting experience they had at the company picnic.

Company Picnic Promotional Products

Company Picnic Promotional Products - Picnic BlanketThere are many different promotional products that are a perfect gift for a company picnic.  First, you could give out customized picnic blankets.  Not only will they be able to use them the day of, but again and again.  Each time they need a picnic blanket they will see your logo and be reminded of your generous gift.  Also, another great gift is promotional sunglasses.  They are an inexpensive way to provide something useful and fun.  Choose fun colors or creative styles and get the added bonus of a great photo-op for employees.  Further, insulated cooler bags or totes coordinate perfectly with company picnics and are very useful as a lunch bag, grocery tote, or just an extended car trip when you want to keep things cool.

And, don’t forget the kids!  If children are invited to the Company Picnic Promotional Products - Footballcompany picnic it can be a fun thing to have some children’s items.  Order promotional Frisbees, beach balls, footballs, sun hats, beach bucket with sand toys, kites or other child-friendly items.  The kids will have fun and you will really impress the parents.

Company Picnic Promotional Products - Folding ChairIn addition to promotional products that everyone will get, consider ordering a few larger promotional products that can be given out as prizes for contests or games during the event.  Larger items like promotional backpacks, customized BBQ sets, headphones, PopSockets, folding chairs are always coveted prizes.  Those larger items will motivate people to participate in games and contests and enhance the fun of the event.  Company Picnic Promotional Products - BBQ SetCompany picnics are a great team-building experience for everyone and it allows employees to get to know each other on a different level.  Reward employees for their hard work and foster goodwill with creative and fun company picnic promotional products.