3 Women’s Wearables for Your Next Marketing Campaign

In honor of National Women’s Day, which we celebrated on March 8th this year, we thought it would be fun to feature some promotional products specifically designed for women.  At Connect the Dots, we are proud to be a woman-owned and woman-operated company.  There are so many great promotional products designed for a wide array of interests or themes and we are excited to show off some great women’s wearables that can be customized for any campaign, promotion, or business.  Wearables are a great way to get your branding out to the masses because each woman that wears it is literally a walking billboard.  Spread the word about your business, new product, or awesome campaign with something comfortable, well-made and impactful!  And, while a branded polo shirt has been an industry staple for a long time, there are many modern styles for women that not only beautifully display your branding but are fashion-forward and stylish. Below are 3 great women’s wearables to consider for your next marketing campaign.

3 Women’s Wearables for Your Next Marketing Campaign

  1. Port Authority® Ladies Concept Shrug
  • Women's WearablesThis stylish shrug looks like you just got it from the local department store or boutique but it is actually a promotional wearable that can be customized with your branding or logo. Do you live in a chilly climate or have customers that do?  This will be a wardrobe staple.  Do you work in an office that always seems to be a bit chilly (like most offices are!)?  This is the perfect layering piece!  This shrug is available in multiple beautiful colors and a wide range of sizes to accommodate any business’ needs.


  1. OGIO® – Crush Henley
  • Women's WearablesThe OGIO Crush Henley is made of beautiful fabric that has stay-cool wicking technology.  The shirt offers wearers a modern, stylish cut in black, gray and an assortment of jewel tones.  It is available in an assortment of sizes and looks great when imprinted with any logo.


  1. New Era® Ladies Heritage Blend Hoodie Tank
  • Women's WearablesThe New Era Ladies Heritage Blend Hoodie Tank is the kind of modern tank that would look great alone or layered with other pieces.  And, it has a cool style that will appeal to any age or marketing demographic. It is made of extra-soft fabric so it is incredibly comfortable while still being very flattering.  The front pouch pocket is a fun detail that also will keep your hands warm and comfortable.

InfinityHR Creates a Branded Environment with Promotional Products

At Connect the Dots Promotions it is our pleasure to work with clients to strategically enhance their marketing campaigns.  We are fortunate to have many clients that are not only great to work with but with whom it is fun to collaborate on unique and exciting promotional products. We believe strongly in supporting local businesses which is why we are excited to share about a locally-based company – InfinityHR.

Connect the Dots Client Spotlight: InfinityHR

InfinityHR Branded EnvironmentInfinityHR provides clients of any size with an online employee benefits enrollment application.  What started as an employee benefits application has grown to include services that include HR solutions, hire to retire, and more – all in one location.  InfinityHR’s integrated solution for human capital management is a powerful and accessible HR software solutions tool.

InfinityHR Creates Branded Environment with Promotional Products

We recently had the pleasure of working with InfinityHR on their marketing and promotional products.  InfinityHR attended a trade show and their trade show display was exceptionally successful because they took advantage of what is known as creating a ‘branded environment.’  Today, many potential customers are inundated with marketing and advertising throughout every minute of their day – whether they realize it or not.  Because of that, businesses must take their promotional products, marketing, InfinityHR Branded Environment PopSocketand trade show displays to the next level to truly draw in a customer and grab their attention.  And, by creating a branded environment, once they are inside your trade show display, every moment of their experience will be an experience with your brand.  Forbes elaborates on why creating a branded environment complete with branded promotional products will attract today’s harder-to-reach clientele, “Millennials are happy to share their feelings about brands on social media and branded events are no exception. In fact, Splash found (and shared in Adweek) that 81% of millennials shared photos on social media at a branded event, 71% used the event’s hashtag, 67% followed the brand on social and 56% signed up for an email list. All of this interaction took place at a branded event where millennials received products such as bottles, t-shirts, hats, glasses, totes or pens. Although branded swag isn’t required for millennials to talk about their branded event experience on social, it does help when it comes to images. Give millennials something to wear and share and they will…Sometimes it can be as simple as having a really unique and cool branded item that millennials are bound to use and want to show off immediately. In this way, branded swag can masquerade as a free product.”

InfinityHR did an outstanding job creating a branded environment and providing clients with exciting and fun swag that they will want to use, wear, and show off!

InfinityHR Branded Interactive Game

InfinityHR Branded Environment Promotional Game

InfinityHR Branded PopSockets & Beverage Holders

InfinityHR Branded Environment PopSocket

InfinityHR Branded Beverage Holders and Pens

InfinityHR Branded Environment Beverage Holder Pens

InfinityHR’s trade show booth was fun, effective and the client interacted with their unique brand from the moment they walked in until the moment they left.  And, because they took fun branded promotional products with them, the interaction with InfinityHR’s brand is limitless.  If you are interested in learning more about creating a branded environment at an event or trade show or ordering exciting promotional products to attract potential products, Connect the Dots Promotions can help!  And, if you are in need of an outstanding application that assists you with employee benefits enrollment, HR solutions, hire to retire, or other services, contact InfinityHR!


2018 PPAI Expo Recap – Connect the Dots Promotions

Connect the Dots at the 2018 PPAI ExpoAttending the 2018 PPAI Expo

The team at Connect the Dots Promotions was excited to attend the 2018 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a fun and thrilling event, as always.  And, we are so excited to share what we saw and experienced.

If you are not familiar with the PPAI Expo, it is a promotional product industry expo.  PPAI Expo explains why the event is one of the industry’s largest events and the 2018 PPAI Expo attracted so many people, “In 2018 The PPAI Expo brought more than 12,000 distributors from nearly 4,000 companies together under one roof for the five-day event.The PPAI Expo features more than 1,200 exhibiting companies showcasing more than a quarter million products over 1,000,000 square feet of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the fifth largest convention center in the U.S. Serving as the yearly launch pad for both suppliers and distributors, The PPAI Expo provided a forum for all to connect, experience new products, network and conduct strategic business meetings. Engaging all stakeholders in one venue, it remains the single most important event of the year for the promotional products industry worldwide.”

What We Saw at the 2018 PPAI Expo

2018 PPAI ExpoThis year there were new products and new branding ideas that will inspire us as we continue to serve our clients this year.  One big theme that we think is incredibly important is a holistic approach to branded material.  The idea behind it is that rather than ordering different, disjointed branded promotional products, you choose a holistic approach to branding for a more cohesive experience for the end user.

One of the best ways to successfully implement a holistic approach to branding is to anticipate the year ahead.  In doing so you can strategically plan your marketing calendar accordingly.  This will give you time to determine your marketing priorities and order your branded items in advance.  By planning in advance you will have time to develop different marketing concepts for both employees and customers. Finally, you can find ways to make them integrate into one cohesive marketing strategy.

In addition to holistic marketing, we saw some fun promotional products.  These could be great ways to recognize employees, use as loyalty incentives, or to give as gifts to clients/customers.

2018 PPAI Expo SpeakerFor your high-end client, as a loyalty incentive, or as a nice employee recognition gift, you cannot go wrong with custom branded speakers.


2018 PPAI Expo Boost Ball ChairWant to add a fun layer of branding to your branded environment at a trade show – why not order some custom inflatable boost balls for people to sit on while they experience your brand and products.



2018 PPAI ExpoReady to recognize a “rockstar” client or employee?  These custom made record-themed promotional products are a fun and exciting way to do so!

Final Thoughts on the 2018 PPAI Expo Experience

We always love attending the PPAI Expo and the 2018 PPAI Expo certainly did not disappoint.  There were so many new products and new ideas to experience at the Expo. And, best of all – we have brought that experience and inspiration home to our clients.  The PPAI Expo is also a great time to make industry connections, network, receive education, and more – and that is exactly what we did this year at the Expo.  We look forward to sharing what we learned with our clients throughout the year and can’t wait for the next PPAI Expo!


Connect the Dots Is Attending the 2018 PPAI Expo

2018 PPAI Expo: January 15-18, 2018

2018 PPAI ExpoThe PPAI Expo 2018 is this weekend and Karie, Marcie, and Kim could not be more excited to attend this year’s event.  We always love attending this event because it is a great time to learn about the latest and most exciting promotional products, receive industry education, and enjoy a time connecting with other industry professionals.

This year, the PPAI Expo is going all out, “In 2018 The PPAI Expo brought more than 12,000 distributors from more than 4,500 companies together under one roof for the five-day event.The PPAI Expo features more than 1,200 exhibiting companies showcasing more than a quarter million products over 1,000,000 square feet of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the fifth largest convention center in the U.S.”

2018 Promotional Products

We will be on the 2018 PPAI Expo floor on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have heard of a product or marketing tool or are just looking for something in particular, let us know!  We will go “shopping” at the show just for you!

Attending the PPAI Expo 2018 is going to be a great time to see the newest promotional products and marketing tools.  Thousands of suppliers attend the event and bring products they want to highlight or that are a current trend.  There is over one million square feet of trade show exhibit hall and hundreds of products being showcased at the event including new promotional products, green promotional products, incentive promotional products. There is literally every promotional product you could want or need, for every industry! Additionally, there are also a wide array of promotional product price points for any marketing budget.


2018 PPAI Expo Education

In addition to looking at thousands of new 2018 promotional products, we will also be receiving education.  Monday will be a day filled with education for Connect the Dots.  There are many opportunities to gain industry knowledge and keynote luncheons with outstanding speakers.  It is always nice to gain additional industry insight from fellow marketing industry professionals.

The popular saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” will not be true of our trip to the 2018 PPAI Expo in Vegas. We are excited to bring back everything we learn at the PPAI Expo so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best service and promotional products available in 2018!


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Special shout out to http://truhitfitness.com/north-phoenix/ for playing along with our  Guerilla Marketing.  It’s all about the fun with promotional products and we love when we can create experiences with our clients.  Let us help you increase your marketing reach.

CTD-REX is here to stay.  Tune in to see more as we create!


Happy Holidays from Connect the Dots Promotions

Happy Holidays!

Connect the Dots Value StatementAs 2017 comes to a close, we at Connect the Dots Promotions would like to wish our wonderful clients, vendors, and friends HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  2017 has bee a great year for Connect the Dots!  It has been filled with exciting marketing and promotional promotional product work, individual and team development, and a lot of fun!


Celebrating Our Connect the Dots Promotions Team

Connect the Dots Promotions is made up of a team of people with unique talents to help bring our clients the best possible service.  We are very thankful for Marcie, Kim, Marilyn, Christine, and Kevin.  They all contribute their time and talents to our creative and administrative process.  We are so thankful for our village. It simply would not work without all of these people.



We Are Growing!

Also, 2017 has been a year of team member growth at Connect the Dots. 2017 brought the addition of Kim Works to our team as a salesperson.  We could not be more thrilled to welcome Kim to the Connect the Dots team!


Celebrating 10 Years of Connect the Dots Promotions in 2018

2018 is almost here and we are looking forward to celebrating 10 years as a company at Connect the Dots Promotions.  We are incredibly proud to have served our clients with creative design and marketing, enthusiastic service, and outstanding promotional products for a entire decade!


Promotional Products Work

We know it because we see it daily but promotional products has continued to grow as an industry.  This is because promotional products provide clients with the unique opportunity to foster goodwill, boost company morale, promote a new product, and reinforce brand identity in a way that no other marketing can. Promotional products are an essential part of any marketing campaign and are useful for a wide array of occasions, holidays, and celebrations.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Connect the Dots Promotions!

Happy HolidaysThis past year has been a great year for Connect the Dots Promotions thanks to our outstanding team and incredible clients.  We look forward to what 2018 holds and the opportunity to work with existing and new clients on their next marketing and/or promotional products campaigns!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Connect the Dots Value Statement

Connect the Dots Value StatementAt Connect the Dots Promotions we believe that it is important to have a clear and defined Value Statement because it helps us inform our decision-making and priorities as a business.  Additionally, it helps us communicate our business priorities and beliefs to our customers.  The Connect the Dots Value Statement is very important to us and is something we strive for in every client interaction.

Connect the Dots Promotions Value Statement:

We consult with clients to provide awesome products that create a memorable experience around your brand.

There are many ways to go about accomplishing a value statement.  We accomplish ours by prioritizing accountability, being a zealot for safety, and creating a culture of connections.


  • On Time-over the past 9 years we’ve not missed a deadline
  • Say It/Do It-Through our vendor management system-we provide proof dates, production times, and tracking so our clients save time and money
  • Integrate products to tell your story-We LISTEN and plus in the right product to get the message across

Zealot for Safety:

  • Product Safety-we continue our education and work with vendors that have undergone certification to ensure your brand is safe
  • Protect your brand-we pay attention to branding guidelines

Culture of Connections:

  • Clients-we don’t have transactions, we spend time building partnerships
  • Vendors/Suppliers-Over 3,000 suppliers our broad range allows you to get what you want when you need it
  • Community-We stay connected and believe in giving back
Connect the Dots Value Statment Provides Value to Clients

Connect the Dots Promotions has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes, including major brands.  We use our years of marketing experience and branding knowledge to promote their brand, expand their marketing, and create exciting promotional products.  We are constantly receiving the latest industry education. This helps us stay current on the newest & most exciting promotional products as well as safety standard updates.  Also, we are a company that cares – we get to know you and your unique brand.  We work to understand your company culture and target audience.  When it comes to effective promotional products, we believe there are no cookie cutter solutions. Further, with an intimate understanding of your business, we can provide our clients with the best and most effective promotional products.  At Connect the Dots, we know that when we stay focused on maintain our Value Statement, we are capable of passing on tremendous value to our clients.


Start Planning Your 2018 Marketing Calendar ASAP!

Have You Started Planning Your 2018 Marketing Calendar?

When it comes to marketing, any business should employ a “long game” strategy.  You do not want to be constantly scrambling at the last minute to market your business or a new product.  That typically results in a lackluster marketing effort and paying a higher price for marketing assistance, materials, and promotional products.  Rather, it is far better to plan as far ahead for your 2018 marketing calendar as possible.  Play the long game because you know what holidays are coming up.  You know what type of business you have and what type of clients you have.  You know when a new product will launch or a big business announcement will be made. So that means you can generally anticipate when you will need to market your brand or distribute promotional products.

Save Money By Planning Ahead for Your 2018 Marketing Calendar

There are many advantages to planning your marketing calendar ahead of time.  For 2018, we recommend that businesses set meetings with their sales reps as soon as possible.  By starting to plan your 2018 marketing calendar now, one big advantage is that you will save money.  When you strategically plan ahead you can buy promotional products in advance and typically save money.  If you buy at the last minute you may pay more for the product and expedited shipping.  Additionally, by planning ahead you’re able to strategically look ahead at how you want to spend your marketing budget.  You may know that a certain time of the year or event will produce more revenue.  By strategically allocating your budget to better promotional products for those times, you will maximize your ROI.

Get More Creative with Promotional Products by Planning Ahead

In addition to saving money by planning ahead, you’ll also be able to be more creative with your promotional products.  Many businesses only use promotional products for trade shows or during the holidays.  And, while that is still good, there are far more creative ways to utilize promotional products. So, by planning your marketing calendar ahead you can anticipate fun or interesting holidays or events.  Get creative with your promotional products to grab your customer’s attention!  Maybe you run a dog boarding facility – you could celebrate National Dog Day (August 26th, 2018) by giving your clients custom dog promotional products to celebrate.  It will show thoughtful anticipation and creativity that will make your clients want to keep using your business.  The fact of the matter is that people like receiving promotional products and they work!  Many people will either use your promotional product (free advertising!) or be able to recall your brand more easily.  Get with your sales rep as soon as possible to begin strategically planning your 2018 marketing calendar and promotional products!