The Creative Team Video

The Creative Team created this video to show what the trends are for the future of creative teams. It made me happy! Enjoy!

I believe that Connect the Dots isn’t just a promotional products distributor.  We fall into an ad agency feel when clients request a connection between their end goal and a product.  I believe after seeing this video that we are on track:)



What’s hot, What’s not

If you were to ask me what the number 1 question I get from my clients is, I would have to say, “What is the hottest promotional product out there.”  I have a love hate relationship with this question.  Please make sure that you are working with a promotional consultant that answers your question with another set of questions.   The hottest promotional product is the one that will help you achieve your goals in your advertising endeavours.  It actually could be a mousepad or a pen.  It could be a custom belt buckle.  Work with your promotional consultant as a partner to help you meet or exceed what you are trying to achieve.  We have WAY more fun if you come to us with a project in mind rather than a list of items that you have seen around.  There is something to be said for knowing what you want, but imagine what we see on the trade show floor that is over 8 miles long!


Holy Changes Batman!

Connect the Dots Promotions just joined as an affiliate to AIA Corporation out of Neenah, WI.  I’ve been through extensive training on the new back office system and I am thrilled with what we can now offer.  Clients can pay online at www.aiaepay.com with the account number and invoice number.  We have a more organized and clean way of dealing with our vendors and with our clients.  We have incredible pricing with our vendors.  The customer service reps that I deal with are amazing and allow me to do what I do best…get out there and hang out with my clients. Continue reading