PPAI Promotional Products Work! Week

PPAI 2017 Promotional Products Work! Week is April 24-28th

PPAI Promotional Products Work! WeekPromotional Products Work! Week is dedicated to uniting the industry with one mission, one purpose, and one voice.  And, it is an opportunity for promotional products professionals everywhere to celebrate the power of promotional products.  In fact, when companies use these products, it generates immense marketing value.  PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) is focused on celebrating industry professionals that create “Advertising That Lives On.” Further, this week is all about creating awareness that custom logo products are a powerful and effective marketing and advertising medium.

Interestingly, what many businesses may not realize is that promotional products are an incredibly effective form of advertising.  These products should be an integral part of any marketing campaign.  And, branded products are not just making a big marketing impact, they are also very cost-effective.  Further, promotional products provide the opportunity to market your brand in a unique and personal way. We at Connect the Dots enjoy working closely with business to develop truly unique and exciting branded marketing product campaigns.

The Marketing Power Proof Is In the Statistics

Promotional Products Association International describes just how effective marketing with promotional products can be for a business, “A PPAI study revealed new insights into promotional products’ value and effectiveness. Of those surveyed who could recall receiving a promotional product in the previous 12 months, 88 percent could recall the name of the advertiser and 85 percent have done business with an advertiser as a result of receiving an item. Imagine being able to craft a message one time, and see that message spread to an audience of hundreds, thousands and even millions. Now imagine that message being delivered by a t-shirt, a pen or a beverage cup. Promotional products professionals work with Fortune 500 companies and top ad agencies to create experiences people love through a product they can actually use.”

Thus, the impact is incredibly significant!  And, it is because of this that we want everyone to know that promotional products really do work!

How Promotional Products Work

PPAI Promotional Products Work! Week

Connect the Dots wants to ensure that all of our clients know how influential these branded products can be.  Moreover, we encourage you to look at your marketing strategy and budget for areas where you can make a change.  Allow us to work with you to better allocate marketing funds to more effective methods, such as custom logo products.  In summary, Connect the Dots is excited to participate in PPAI Promotional Products Work! Week. We can’t wait to showcase the outstanding marketing power of promotional products – they really do work!


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