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Strategic Corporate Marketing During a Pandemic

While we all try to figure out what a new “normal” looks like during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, business still goes on.  Many businesses have struggled to rapidly switch to remote work, quarantines, and pivoting their business models to meet customer needs.  With the majority of large gatherings, expos, and other events being canceled, virtual conferences and events have become popular.  Virtual happy hours are all the rage to stay connected with co-workers.  And marketing tactics have had to adjust to being able to reach clients in a saturated online market.  Companies that have found strategic ways to market their business through these trying times are poising themselves to be successful through the pandemic and long after it ends.

Anyone that manages corporate marketing for their business is probably experiencing a common trend right now – dwindled staff and support, along with a limited marketing budget.  Determining the right way to spend your marketing budget is more important than ever before.  Working with a creative marketing strategist can help you determine the right types of marketing experiences and/or products that will best suit your marketing objectives and budget.  Strategic budget allocation does not mean that you have to waste money on a branded product that someone will throw away.  Fundraisers, creative customer promotional products, and custom products for staff to show appreciation all foster a sense of community that most people are longing for in this time of social distancing.

Remind customers that you are surviving and thriving through the pandemic as a business, and remind your employees that you know how hard they are working in a unique environment with a thoughtful and unique marketing campaign.  When you work with an experienced marketing professional that is filled with endless creative ideas, it is easy to find a way to craft a strategic marketing campaign, market your virtual or in-person (when possible) event, and show loyalty and support which all ultimately does something so important during this time – creates a positive community experience centered on your brand.


12th Annual UMOM Walk the Walk to End Homelessness

The UMOM Walk the Walk to End Homelessness is a local fundraising event that is near and dear to our hearts at Connect the Dots Promotions. We have supported and participated in this walk since the beginning and have been so proud to see how it has grown and, with that growth, there has been an increase of funds to end homelessness in our community. But, as we all know, there can always be more done to support the homeless community and this year is no exception!

Due to the unprecedented times we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic, plans had to be altered from our traditional walk at the Phoenix Zoo. In past years we have walked to raise funds and support and also set the World Record (which we still hold) for the longest 1K thong sandal race. For the event this year, we will be doing things a bit differently but they will still be a fun way to support UMOM and the great work they are doing to end homelessness. Rather than a walk, we will be having a fun, interactive scavenger hunt in which you get to choose your own scavenger hunt adventure. This can be played in your home or in your neighborhood. Whether you participate virtually or gather a small, safe group to complete the scavenger hunt with, we promise it will be an incredibly fun way to raise awareness and financial support for families, single women, and youth experiencing homelessness in Arizona.

To play along and support UMOM, please register HERE and download the Let’s Roam app so that you are all ready for the event on September 19th from 7am – 12pm. There are exciting prizes and raffles to make the event even more exciting for participants. Homelessness doesn’t stop just because of a pandemic and neither will we! Will you join us to participate in the 2020 12th Annual UMOM Walk the Walk to End Homelessness scavenger hunt?