The Power of the Pen

promotional product penConnect the Dots Promotions can truly attest to the fact that the pen is one of the most powerful and effective promotional products in the industry. Standing just behind clothing, pens are the second largest category sold in our industry as a whole. The pen has the ability to serve as mobile advertising throughout each client’s community and can be as specific and customized as another other product. Not to mention their inexpensive price, pens also serve their purpose after getting lost by continuing to spread the word. Encourage your employees to “lose” their pens throughout the community and entice your clients with a prize if they find your pen and post a picture of it to your Facebook wall. Get creative with the Power of the Pen!

Karie Cowden
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About Karie Cowden

Karie Cowden is the Founder and President of Connect the Dots Promotions and has extensive experience working with local and national clientele across all industries. She has sold every promotional product known to mankind in her over 22 years in the industry. Karie has worked in all aspects of the promo business including a 6 year stint with the Phoenix Suns and AZ Diamondbacks. In those many years she has developed extensive experience, industry knowledge, wonderful partnerships and strategic relationships. In 2008 she was the youngest person to be voted on to the Board of Directors for the Promotional Products Association International, by her peers. In 2009 she figured she knew enough to run her own company and hasn’t looked back. Karie is married with two beautiful daughters and one black lab named Betty.

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